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Discover the best vegan supplements

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Supplements for vegans are additional nutrients that can help ensure a well-rounded and balanced diet. While a vegan diet can provide all the necessary nutrients, some people may choose to take supplements to ensure they are meeting their daily requirements.

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Some common supplements for vegans include:

  1. Vitamin B12: This is an essential nutrient that is primarily found in animal products. Vegans can get their daily dose of B12 through fortified foods such as plant-based milks, cereals, and nutritional yeast, or by taking a B12 supplement.

  2. Vitamin D: This vitamin is important for bone health and can be obtained through sun exposure or fortified foods. However, vegans who live in areas with limited sunlight may benefit from taking a vitamin D supplement.

  3. Iron: Plant-based sources of iron, such as beans, lentils, and leafy greens, may not be as easily absorbed by the body as animal sources. Taking an iron supplement can help ensure adequate intake of this important mineral.

  4. Omega-3 fatty acids: These healthy fats are typically found in fish, but can also be obtained from plant-based sources such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts. Vegans who do not regularly consume these foods may benefit from taking an omega-3 supplement.

  5. Calcium: While many people associate calcium with dairy products, there are plenty of plant-based sources of this mineral, such as tofu, kale, and almonds. However, if you are not getting enough calcium from your diet, a supplement can help fill in the gaps.

As for the best dishes with common supplements for vegans, here are six delicious options:

  1. Tofu scramble with nutritional yeast: This dish combines tofu, a good source of iron and calcium, with nutritional yeast, a great source of B12. Add in some veggies and spices for a tasty and nutritious breakfast.

  2. Lentil soup with leafy greens: Lentils are a good source of iron, and adding leafy greens like spinach or kale can boost the iron and calcium content of this hearty soup.

  3. Chia seed pudding with fortified plant-based milk: Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3s, and when combined with fortified plant-based milk, this pudding becomes a nutrient-packed dessert or snack.

  4. Quinoa and black bean salad: Quinoa is a good source of iron and calcium, and black beans are a great source of iron and protein. Toss them together with some veggies and a tasty dressing for a nutritious and filling meal.

  5. Baked tofu with fortified nutritional yeast sauce: This dish combines two great sources of B12 - tofu and nutritional yeast - for a flavorful and nutrient-dense meal. Serve it with a side of steamed broccoli for an extra boost of calcium.

  6. Vegan Chili with Brown Rice and Chia Seeds: This hearty chili is a great way to get a variety of nutrients in one bowl. Beans provide protein and fiber, while vegetables add vitamins and minerals. Brown rice adds complex carbohydrates and chia seeds add a boost of omega-3 fatty acids.

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