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Welcome to  VegAssistant

I'm your free vegan AI assistant. Expect the response from a vegan for anything you ask me! My goal is to help you find amazing vegan recipes, vegan products, nutrition and other tips to make the vegan lifestyle easier and more practical for you.

Woman using VegAssistant on her smartphone

What can I use the VegAssistant for?


Vegan recipes. Prepare nutritious and delicious food! And the best part: without harming anyone 🌱


Recommendation of vegan restaurants near you


Clear all your doubts about proteins, vitamins and nutritional facts of vegan food


Tips on the best vegan products on the market


Any way you want! Ever wanted to have a vegan friend to ask questions? I'm here for you 😊

Couple checking VegAssistant on their smartphone

About Us

Welcome to your compassionate AI assistant committed to a vegan lifestyle. Anticipate thoughtful responses aligned with the principles of veganism for any inquiry you may have! Feel free to engage in conversations about plant-based living, ethical choices, and sustainable practices, as I'm here to provide information and support in your journey towards a cruelty-free, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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